"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, and I'm going to restore this world; it's as important as mine!"Edit

- Sonic

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"The sequel of TV show Sonic X. Our hero returns to embark on an all new adventure!"Edit


Whilst in pursuit of Dr.Eggman, Sonic is sucked into a portal and teleported into a new world engulfed in darkness and paralysed in motion. Taken a-back from his unexpected teleportaion, he meets a green fox named 'Lenny' who was unconscious; suffering a hard blow to the head. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Sonic asks Lenny what had happened to the planet, and learns that this dark/sinister looking world is the future.Edit

However, to make matters worse, back in Sonic's timeline, a mysterious character is stealing the chaos emeralds for an unknown purpose. One that only Sonic's friends can dread.Edit

Sonic encounters a new threat, as he discovers more of the planet, filled with mutated creatures and ruthless enemies, until both worlds begin to collide with each other because of two certain characters being in two different timelines. With the planets colliding, a hole is ripped in time, making it possible for anything in the future to pass into Sonic's world.Edit

Sonic must team up with the 'Fearsome Fighters' to restore the balance of time and prevent the destruction of the past. If it is not stopped, Sonic's world will perish and the future, and all of Sonic's new friends, will cease to exist!Edit

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