"You speak of darkness like it's something we should bury down, keep hidden within ourselves. Why do you think we have the sun? The sun cleanses land of it's darkness. There needs to be a dark, for there to be light."
— Kieko

Kieko The Wolverine (幾つザ·ウルヴァリン Kieko Za· Uruvu~arin) is a Fan Based Character made by

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Background StoryEdit

In an alternate universe, Kieko appears as one of the main protagonists, although it is unknown of his whereabouts in the original storyline, however, he makes an unexpected appearance in the spin-off series with the protagonists; Maxus and Roxanne set four to five years after the events of 'The Fighters Tournament'.

First AppearanceEdit

Kieko does not appear in the original comic or stories, but first appears in an alternate universe where he collides with Roxanne when she is currently resident in Korain Vilage, before a confrontation with her father. After assisting in an intense stand-off between Roxanne's friend; Maxus and her father; Logan, Kieko quickly befriends them both.





At first point of contact, Kieko can appear aloof and strict, but he actually has a gentle heart and is always concerned for other people’s welfare before his own. However, often in life-threatening situations Kieko’s main priority changes to protect the ones he cares about most as opposed to other people, and as a guardian, it causes him to be subjective. Kieko also appears to have a sensitive side as well as a particularly creative side, due to his secret passion for art – often seen painting portraits outside of his training. He even paints a professional portrait of Roxanne at the age of sixteen. Many have described him as being too serious and also arrogant - possibly due to his incredibly formal attitude; however, his personality comes across as mature for his age, even when he was young. Keiko has a high sense of duty and sometimes his role as a guardian can put a serious strain on his health, but he often ignores it and does what he can relentless.

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  • Roxanne The Raccoon
  • Maxus The Hedgehog